Bath N Brush

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Unless your dog gets dirty or smelly because of some unforeseen circumstances, you’ll only need to have your dog bathed once every two months. Bathing too frequently will dry out your pet’s skin and strip the natural oils from the coats. 

But it’s a great solution for short-coated breeds such as pugs, boxers and labradors as it will remove dead hair from the undercoat and reduce moulting significantly. Also ideal for double-coated breeds such as Pomeranian, German shepherds and rough collies as their coats require regular grooming to prevent the build-up of dead hair in the undercoat which can lead to matts. 

My bath and brush out treatment is perfect for in-between grooms, the service includes everything apart from cut and styling, ideal for when your dog just needs a freshen up before their next groom.

To book your dog in for a dog grooming appointment, please contact us on 07506 555033.

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