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Why train your dog?

This is the really fun and most rewarding part of owning a dog.

Training your new friend needs to be high on your list of priorities as soon as you have decided to own a dog.

No dog is too old to learn and training sessions are available for every age and ability, pedigree, crossbreeds and rescue dogs are all welcome.
Training is an obligation all dog owners need to fulfil for the community they live in and the welfare of the dog.

A training session is not there to just train your dog. Its purpose is to teach You to train your dog so you will need to be Committed to train your dog for short sessions several times a day. This little bit of training every day will be Repaid with a lifetime of living with a well-behaved dog.

You will learn to avoid problems before they begin as well as receive help to overcome any that you already have with your dog.

Training sessions are done One-to-One with or without the owner.

You will learn

✅ Always be consistent to avoid confusing your dog.
✅ Start as you mean to go on.
✅ Dogs don’t speak English!! So the difference in tones of your voice and body movements are better understood.
✅ Be patient.
✅ Train in short spells every day.
✅ Understand your dog better.
✅ Handling skills and much more.

5 ⭐️ rated by our clients
✅ Fully insured
✅ Dog first-aid trained
✅ 1-2-1 Dog walking trained

To book your dog in for a dog grooming appointment, please contact us on 07506 555033.

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